My Story

Welcome to Ewe So Soft, a product that was inspired by my mother prior to her passing.

In 2015 following my husband’s military retirement, we moved back home to Colorado. I grew up in Western Colorado where I met my husband just prior to him leaving for Marine Corps Boot Camp in January 1989. We married a few months after he graduated from basic training and spent the next 26 years living in Hawaii, California and Missouri. Over these years his career would take him to several countries for extended deployments. Our first year of marriage he was deployed to the middle east in support of Desert Shield / Desert Storm. The first picture he sent me while deployed was a polaroid picture of him holding an adorable little lamb that he had written “Happy Valentine’s Day” on. They had come upon a local sheep rancher and assisted in relocating him and his flock out of the dangerous area. I had no idea how much this picture would mean to me all these years later.

We got our first lambs in 2015, and I insisted on naming them Ole and Lena. My mother was known for always having an Ole and Lena joke to tell, and it seemed very fitting. My parents loved coming out to visit the lambs. As the size of our flock grew, so did our passion for knowledge. Sheep are incredible animals, with so many benefits. Our initial goal was the amazing fiber they provide, and along the way we have learned and discovered there is more to a sheep than the wool, and we wanted to explore everything but the baaahh…

I had seen goat milk lotion and began to wonder about sheep milk lotion. Would their milk be just as amazing? As a daily lotion user, I could make my own lotion and control the ingredients I want instead of supporting the commercial industry. As I read, both sheep and goat milk are great for use in lotion making, as most milks are, and sheep milk has a higher fat content, and more vitamins and minerals than goat milk. The ideas begin to take over - I have sheep, they have milk, let me try making lotion. It has taken a while to find the right combination of ingredients I am happy with, and to produce a consistent end product. I make the lotion in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. Once the product inside the jar was just how I wanted, I began really thinking about how I wanted to market it. There are several artisans that produce soaps and lotions, each of us with a product we are proud of and thankful there are customers to support small business. I wanted to give my product a local feel. I grew up in Western Colorado and am Colorado Proud. While I was away from home living in a military community, my heart was always with my “home” on the Western Slope. We knew when my husband retired from Active Duty, we would love to move back “home”. As I was trying to find the local tie to my product, I reflected on what is unique about the Western Slope. The hunt was on to find the best way to incorporate local into my product label. As I was scrolling through pictures I had taken, I came across a photo of Mt. Garfield. I had taken the photo during a visit with my mom while she was in the hospital adding additional sentimental value to the labeling. I applied a few different styles to come up with the design you see today. My mom's favorite fragrances would likely be the Cherry Blossom and the Lingonberry.

My goal is quality over quantity, and my quantity will be based on availability of sheep milk from our ewes.

I hope you enjoy the product as much as I do.